Play Area Rules & Regulation

  • To maintainsafety & hygiene, socks are compulsory inside the play area. No shoes allowed inside.
  • One the registered timelapses, additional charges will beapplicable.
  • Please encourage the children to use the toilet before enteringthe play area.
  • Food and drinks are prohibited inside the play area.
  • Any Child misbehaving, showing obvious injury or unwell may not be allowed to use the play area.
  • Children upto maximum height upto 157 ems and under 12 years of age are permitted inthe play area.
  • For safety purposes certain areas inthe play area are not permitted for adults and some for toddlers.
  • To ensure safety,please remove hanging items andjewellery before entering the play area.
  • Kidszoone is not responsible for any loss, theft or injury caused to any child inside play area. Children are requiredto besupervised by an adult at all times.
  • The management reserves the right to revoke any privileges for guests acting is dangerous manner or misusing play area.
  • Adults are not allowed to play inside, only allowed to supervise or retrieve the child.
  • We aimto maintain High Standard of Cleaning& Hygiene inside the play area andseek customer's cooperationto achievethe same.
  • Children and parents are not allowed to enter the play area if unattended by staff.
  • Itis compulsory for parents to signto confirm they have readand understand the rules.

To contact us please call on above number one of our team members will be in touch shortly

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